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“I really, REALLY need a chat API and SDK that’s easy to integrate, has simple documentation, and is so powerful and flexible that I can make a brand new chat product way faster than the other guys.”

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Most chat APIs are a headache to deal with. They make big promises and show fancy logos, but what else? (Not much)

We’re all about functionality. Chat that doesn’t sound like “chat.” Conversations you can create with flexible APIs and smooth SDKs that operate at your fingertips better than a primetime pianist at his favorite keyboard.

We’re dedicated to giving developers like you the tools you need to create a chat product your business is proud of.

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Built for developers, not machines

We made development easy to understand, so humans can build with them in record-time. The customizable UI kit and fully-powered chat APIs and SDKs make development happen in a snap.


Full-featured chat platform for any industry

Make it all about what YOU want. We’re so flexible (and full-featured) you’ll be able to code, construct, and build a chat product you’re proud to release in HOURS, not months.


Simple, smooth integrations

Sure, some chat platforms focus only how the docs read and act for developers, but you deserve more than that. Applozic fixes that, and integrates smoothly into any platform of your choice.


Clear, easy-to-follow documentation

Never stress over too-long, too-complex docs ever again. We created our documents to suit your language, encouraging developers to craft on their terms while saving hours of research time..


Community support you’ll love

We’re dedicated to making team and customer support a breeze for developers. Contact support, get involved in conversations with experts, and feel confident tackling docs you’ll find easy to understand.

Stream’s tools only cover the basics. They may be flashier than a tuxedo-donned George Clooney, but development is about functionality—not just slick design and pretty words.

Nothing really matters unless that nice-looking widget you just installed actually WORKS.

When you pick Applozic, you’re not only picking the platform that makes your job easy (and your boss happy)...

You’re choosing you.

While you’ve been searching for Stream alternatives…

Thousands of companies are using Applozic APIs and SDKs
to build badass chat products they’re proud of.

With Applozic’s messaging toolkit we could enable tripartite messaging on our app which drastically reduced incoming voice calls allowing our agents to handle larger volumes of support requests.

Happy Applozic Customer
Siddhartha Srivastava,

Chief Product Officer & Zimmber

With Applozic, powering messaging is a breeze. The best part is it integrates seamlessly on all platforms and provides the same set of features and ease of customization.

Happy Applozic Customer
Richard Delamore

Co-Founder & CEO at Amikumu

Can Stream do THIS?

We’ve helped developers from dozens of industries build chat products they love, thanks to easy documentation, powerful APIs and SDKs, and a top-notch UI kit.

Click any case study below to see what we’ve done. (And how we can help you do the same, or better)


DesignSense & Ayoga

Discover how we helped this enterprise software tech company help streamline their work process and get 80% of their field engineers educated WITHOUT hands-on training… all thanks to chat.



Read the story on how a leading on-demand services platform used Applozic to get rid of voice-calls, and introduce modern chat to their audience of thousands

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See how real-time messaging helped monetization platform Explara get a 10X increase in engagement, and save 4 months of development time

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No matter the industry, we have a solution for you.

Applozic Chat APIs and SDKs are made to suit any industry. We aim to make it as easy as possible for developers of any background to build exactly what they want, with zero restrictions and time saved across the board.




On-Demand Services



Social Communities


Ready to build a chat platform for YOUR use-case?

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